this is my first solo release in 3 years and i’m a bit proud of it because i recorded this ep during one night. :3 it’s a tribute to the video game undertale which i love so much! you can download and/or stream the ep here or on bandcamp.



here is the 2nd ep:





this is a former project of the grumpy dj and me back in 2012. we recorded some tracks and thought we’d work on them later on, but we didn’t. so, two years later, we decided to just throw them out into space. so this is pretty rough and lo-fi. 🙂





this is my new solo project since january 2012. i self-released two eps on bandcamp since i started ‘see the train, it’s yours’ and the third ep came out in august on the sweet diy label ‘clown park’. i got the idea for this bandname when i went through berlin, looking at the trains with pieces and tags on them. i also watched lots of documentaries about street art and graffiti, especially in the us during the 80s.

the first ep is called ‘railway stations’. (released on 21st january 2012)



the title of my second ep is inspired by the series ‘the x-files’ – i was quite obsessed with it, watching seven seasons in two months… (david duchovny dropped out after the seventh season, so i refused to watch season 8 and 9) but i loved that time, it was very intense. ‘well-manicured men’ was released on 18th february 2012.



you can download both eps for free.



zimmer and me founded this project in autumn 2009. it is not active anymore, i’m not sure why, but it ended after the tape release in december 2010. our recordings were very lo-fi because i had just started to make music in january 2009 and wasn’t very well equipped. (the songs were recorded in autumn 2009 and summer 2010) we still have some unreleased tracks on our hard discs, i suppose, they will be on bandcamp sooner or later. here you can listen to our tape or even buy it:





tyynyliina was my first music project. i started it in january 2009 when peter broderick (i was a huge fan) looked for contributors for his now released album “it starts hear”. i bought a little microphone which was my fellow until the beginning of 2012 and recorded the lyrics he wrote. i appear on the track “asleep” and (sadly) i’m credited with my deadname – because ‘tyynyliina’ first started until march.

well, that’s the story behind ‘tyynyliina’. i did one album and two eps, published on http://www.truecall.de. i don’t know, if this project will ever be reactivated tho.

every release is available for free download.

http://truecall.de/software007.php (2009)


http://truecall.de/software_010.php (2010)


http://truecall.de/software_021.php (2011)




massimo croce and tyynyliina

my first collaboration was in 2009/2010 with the italian/egypt musician and artist massimo croce. he asked me to record the vocals for his tribute to meister eckhart. i didn’t know anything about meister eckhart and i couldn’t get anything out of his tractates and prayers because i’m not into christian religion, but it was interesting though and i decided to take some lines from ‘das senfkorn’. the ‘tribute to meister eckhart’ was released on http://clinicalarchives.blogspot.de in march 2010. you can download it for free here: http://archive.org/details/ca368_mct



tyynyliina and audio_z

this was my second collaboration shortly after. tautvydas bajarkevicius, a lithuanian curator and sound artist, was a myspace friend of mine whose music i liked very much. one day he wrote an e-mail: he did a cover version of my track ‘mais le papillon est vrai’ and i had the idea to do an ep together. so we did it! we called the ep ‘places where changes grow’ and it came out in august 2010 on my home label true call. you can download it for free here: http://truecall.de/software014.php.



appearance on ‘in dreams’ by zimmer

zimmer asked me to do a remix for his mind-blowing track ‘in dreams’ which brought us together. it was a lot of fun to record sounds and i even wrote lyrics for it. ‘the longest ep ever’ (sic! zimmer) came out in july 2010 on true call. you can download it there for free, too: http://www.truecall.de/software013.php.


appearance on ‘asleep’ by peter broderick

you probably read the story when you read about my project “tyynyliina”. 😀


appearance on ‘return written arrange’ by ekca liena

this is also a bit longer ago, i don’t know when i recorded the keyboard sounds for ekca liena… but i know, how we got friends on myspace! some day i discovered a wonderful artist named elisa luu. she makes magical soundscapes and had her debut onthe label phantom channel where i discovered ekca liena shortly after. (phantom channel doesn’t exist anymore. makes me sad.) anyway, he asked me to record a short piece of 20 seconds which i did. they can be heard on the track “return written arrange (anneterlude)” . the album ‘return written arrange’ came out in december 2011 on the label running on air and as i just found out isn’t available online any longer.



tyyny tapes was a very small tape label me and the mini drugus founded in february 2010. this is the mini drugus:


he always keeps an eye on the tapes.

we did 5 releases by 4 berlin-based artists: zimmer>, maura rougieux, sredni vashtar (alias ernst markus stein) and tyyny+zimmer.

there are still copies left. they are 5 euros each plus shipping, if you don’t live in berlin. you get a little handmade something with every package. it can be a sun, a snowflake, a postcard, a bag… you can always choose. contact me or go here: https://tyynytapes.bandcamp.com/.

the last tape came out in april 2011. i had some issues finding a place to live and then i had to work so much, that there was no time for tyyny tapes. there’s still almost none. i would say, tyyny tapes is in hibernation right now (yes, it’s summer, who cares), but it is supposed to wake up someday. maybe.

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